Tour 5 | Scents, Flavors and Legends of Puebla



DAY 1 | Friday


Check in at the hotel.

Departure time |

At 5:45 pm, you will take the “Leyendas de Puebla” tour.

Place of departure |

TIP Module, Municipal Tourism Offices, Juan de Palafox Avenue and Mendoza no. 14, center next to the municipal palace of Puebla.

Description |

Discover Puebla, one of the most beautiful cities still standing since its founding in the colonial era. Frame of important events such as the Battle of May 5, mother of important historical figures such as the Serdán brothers and guardian of more than 2619 monuments, not to mention that it is here where more than 4 centuries ago the Talavera Poblana is produced and exquisite dishes that are not you will find elsewhere like chiles en nogada, chalupas and cemitas.

Accompanied by a character, we start with a panoramic tour in the city of Puebla taking the walk through the historic center, Los Sapos, Convention Center, Forts of Loreto and Guadalupe, where we will visit and learn about the legends of this Battle, through the voice of the characters.

Stop at the Forts of Loreto and Guadalupe where the “Battle of May 5” took place.

At night with two functions, at 20:30 pm and 21:15 pm enjoy the video mapping of the cathedral (Friday and Saturday).

Lodging |

In the city of puebla.

DAY 2 | Saturday


Departure time |

At 9:30 a.m.

Place of departure |

Your hotel (Do not have breakfast)

Duration |

5 hours

Description |

Puebla is one of the 3 states with the greatest culinary richness, as its strategic location made it a necessary point of rest between colonial times and the Gulf of Mexico to Mexico City.

In addition, the magical hands of the nuns of the convents of our city, achieved the creation of the most emblematic dishes of our country: El Mole Poblano and El Chile en Nogada.

Visit to a “mole” mill, street of typical sweets, city tour. Throughout the tour we will taste a variety of typical dishes such as: Tamales, Tarta with Tortas, Chalupas Poblanas, Pelonas, Molotes, Memelas, Quesadillas, Cemitas, Tacos Árabes, Pipián Verde and Rojo, and the traditional Mole Poblano, knowing its ingredients and its preparation.

So start the tour with a light stomach to try everything!

We will share some Recipes of Mole and typical food Poblana, also taste the Rich and Traditional Sweets such as: Sweet Potatoes, Biscuits of Santa Clara, Borrachitos etc. to finish we will give a small recipe.

We will continue our tour in a panoramic bus through the modern zone of the city of Puebla. We will enjoy the panoramic view that the city offers with “La Estrella de Puebla”, part of an integral project made up of the linear park and the art garden.

Do not miss the sunset of the city in this wonder that received the Guinness Record, which certifies that this observation wheel is the largest in Latin America in its type measuring 80 meters high.

Lodging |

In the city of puebla.

DAY 3 | Sunday


Departure time |

11:00 am

Place of departure |

Tip Module, Municipal Tourism Offices, Av. Juan de Palafox and Mendoza no. 14, center next to the municipal palace of Puebla.

Duration |

6 hours

Tours in |

⬢ Zocalo San Pedro Cholula

⬢ Zócalo and  Parish of San Andres Cholua

⬢ San Francisco Acatepec

⬢ Santa María Tonanzintla

⬢ Pyramid of Cholula

⬢ Royal chapel

⬢ San Gabriel Convent

Description |

Take the tram in the Puebla Zocalo that will take you to the Magical Town of Cholula. Our local guide will accompany you throughout the tour so that you know in depth, to give us a wide explanation about the Cholula Pyramid, the largest in the world in terms of its basement and the site museum. Our guide continues accompanying you in the tram to the Temple of San Francisco Acatepec and Temple of Santa María Tonanzintla, where he will give us an explanation of the syncretism between the catholic and the indigenous religion.

Later, we will continue our panoramic tour where you can see the Cider Factory Gold Cup, the beautiful and colorful Local Market of San Pedro Choula, “Zócalo” of San Pedro Choula, Ex-Convent of San Gabriel, Royal Chapel, “Zócalo” of San Andrés Cholula and the Container City.

Around 5:00 pm they return to Puebla.

End of services


Individual Departures |

All weekends prior reservation, less than 3 to 11 years.

It includes |

Panoramic tram tours, transportation traveler insurance, tour in Spanish, certified guide, and admissions in the mentioned places.

3 days 2 hotel nights in Puebla. Rates valid until December 15, 2020, subject to change without prior notice.

NO Includes |

Does not include food, beverages or transfers from the city of origin.

Prices per person

Rates in US Dollars |


  • 3 stars US$348.7
  • 4 stars US$378.7
  • 5 stars US$600.5



  • 3 stars US$239.9
  • 4 stars US$255.4
  • 5 stars US$351.1



  • 3 stars US$222.7
  • 4 stars US$237.2



  • 3 stars US$214.7
  • 4 stars US$244.4



  • 3 stars US$132.3
  • 4 stars US$132.3
  • 5 stars US$132.3

Payments |

⬢ Deposits in HSBC account 4001283282, Puebla, Pue. On behalf of Transportes Integrales de Puebla, S. A. de C.V.

⬢ BANK TRANSFER with the following code: 021650040012832820

⬢ Valid December 15, 2020.

⬢ NO Show Policy: Unused tours are not refundable. If you do not show up at the time set for your tour, you will be given a tolerance of 5 minutes. By not showing up within the waiting period, it will be understood that the client cancels his service unilaterally.

⬢ All modifications are subject to availability and authorization of the service provider.

⬢ The company is not responsible, nor give any refund, if the Tour should be suspended in full, make changes or adjustments due to weather or any situation of closed streets, demonstrations, sites closed for reasons beyond our control as a company.

Reservations, y, con copia a:

⬢ Office hours from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday, Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.


  • (+52) 222 230 1438
  • (+52) 222 248 5580
  • (+52) 222 248 5492



  • MOBILE: (+521) 222 445 1919



  • MOBILE: (+521) 222 505 5762


Before making your purchase check availability, make this min, 24 hours in advance of the completion of the tour, once your reservation is confirmed, make the payment, send your proof of payment to send your confirmation which must be presented on the day of your tour along with some official identification with the representative of the Tiptours Module.

⬢ It is forbidden to take the tour in a state of intoxication or low consumption of drugs, likewise it is forbidden to consume any type of intoxicating beverage or the carrying of drugs and / or weapons on board, or any sharp article.

⬢ The reservation of the tours is valid only in time and date previously reserved.

⬢ The client agrees to respect the laws in force in the country. The client agrees to keep adequate forms and to respect all the members of Tiptours as well as the other travelers. In case of non-compliance, Titptours reserves the right to deny your participation in any of the services offered by the company without any refund.

⬢ The company is not responsible for delays at the end of the trip that affect the connections of passengers. However Tiptours mission is always to respect the established schedules.

⬢ Minors traveling alone are not allowed. The presence of adults accompanying minors is mandatory.

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⬢ The client must arrive in punctual at place of departure previously cited and deliver to our representative the confirmation voucher of your agency along with an official identification.

⬢ The duration of the experiences is approximate and is provided only as an indication of the time you will remain at the location. Normally you will alternate with other people and there may be waiting times.

⬢ Both parties agree that THE AGENCY is relieved from liability for damages, injuries, accidents, delays or irregularities, that occur due to force majeure or fortuitous event that may occur to the CLIENT during the execution of services, as the person is not directly responsible for providing the corresponding services and for being only an intermediary between them and the CLIENTS.

⬢ Transportation includes transportation traveler insurance. Tours do not include life insurance or extensive coverage. The client is responsible for paying medical expenses, death, etc. In case of accidents that occur outside the vehicle.

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