TIP TOURS & DMC, owner of the Web Site http://www.tiptours.mx (hereinafter, the “Web Site”), is a company dedicated to managing the reservation and sale of activities, excursions, guided tours and other tourist activities in different parts of the world for those users who are interested in contracting these services. TIP TOURS & DMC makes available to users a platform http://www.tiptours.mx through which a natural or legal person (hereinafter, the “User”) may reserve tourist activities, excursions, guided tours and transfers.

The details of TIP TOURS & DMC are as follows:
Owner: Transportes Integrales de Puebla Tip, S. A. de C. V.

RFC: TIP9309214Z6

Address: 2 Poniente 2108, Colonia Amor, Puebla, Pue.

Contact Email: reservaciones@tiptours.mx


By accessing, viewing or using the materials, content or services accessible through the Web Site, the User states that he/she understands and accepts these General Conditions of Use, which define the rights and obligations of TIP TOURS & DMC and the User for contracting the services of tourist activities, excursions, guided tours and transfers.

These are the only General Conditions of Use applicable to the use of the Web Site (without prejudice to the fact that for certain services there may be particular conditions) and to the contracting of the services and replace any other conditions, except by prior agreement and in writing between TIP TOURS & DMC and the User.

Users will not be required to register in order to access the Web site. However, in order to contract the services offered by TIP TOURS & DMC, the User will be required to register and accept these conditions before formalizing the corresponding payment.


TIP TOURS & DMC has developed the present Web Site to offer the User a booking service for activities, excursions and guided tours in different countries of the world.

Likewise, TIP TOURS & DMC offers through the Web Site a pick-up and transfer service that allows the User to have a private or shared vehicle to pick him/her up and transfer him/her from one point to another within the destination cities where TIP TOURS & DMC offers this service.

TIP TOURS & DMC informs you that the activities, excursions and guided tours, as well as the transfers are services provided directly by third party companies collaborating with TIP TOURS & DMC (hereinafter, the Provider(s)). Therefore, TIP TOURS & DMC EXCLUSIVELY LIMITS ITS SERVICES TO ACTIVITIES, EXCURSIONS, GUIDED TOURS AND TRANSFERS THROUGH THE WEBSITE, IN DIFFERENT PLACES IN MEXICO AND THE WORLD, WHICH ARE DIRECTLY PROVIDED BY THE PROVIDERS.

Likewise, through the Web Site, TIP TOURS & DMC provides its users with free travel guides to different destinations, which include photographs, information on transportation, most important tourist points, an interactive map and various recommendations and tips related to the destination. Access to and consultation of the aforementioned free travel guides may only be carried out online and their marketing is prohibited. The User accepts this end and is responsible for their undue and unauthorized use.

In general, the contracting of the services offered by TIP TOURS & DMC will be carried out between the User and TIP TOURS & DMC, although in relation to certain Providers and services, TIP TOURS & DMC will limit itself to providing its Web Site as an online platform through which the Providers offer their Services so that they can be contracted directly by the Users. In the voucher for the activity, the contracting modality will be indicated.

In the latter case, the User, at the time of making the reservation, will establish a direct contractual relationship with the Provider with whom he has booked the activity or transfer. TIP TOURS & DMC will only act as an intermediary between the User and the Provider, limiting itself to transmitting the relevant reservation data to the Provider and sending the User an e-mail confirming the reservation on behalf of the Provider.

The information displayed by TIP TOURS & DMC through its Web site for the provision of the services is in any event based on the information provided by the Providers.


In order to make reservations either with company personnel or through the Web Site, the User will have to provide his/her personal data (name, surname, e-mail, telephone and cell phone), or if applicable, the data of the person in whose name the activity or transfer is being reserved, so that TIP TOURS & DMC can make the reservation requested by the User.

In addition, Users may also create a User Account by completing the registration form that the Website makes available to them. Through this account, the User will create a profile that will allow him/her to have a private area through which he/she can manage all the reservations made through the Web Site.

By virtue of these General Conditions of Use, the Users declare to provide true, exact, current and complete information about their identity, or if applicable about the person on behalf of whom the activity or transfer is reserved. In this regard, Users will be responsible for the accuracy of the data provided to TIP TOURS & DMC and for any consequences that may arise from errors in the information provided.

Users will have full responsibility for the use of their account. Consequently, they will be responsible for the adequate custody and confidentiality of the User name and/or passwords that allow access to their account, and agree not to cede their use to third parties, either temporarily or permanently, nor to allow access to them by third parties.

In accordance with the above, Users must immediately notify TIP TOURS & DMC by e-mail at reservaciones@tiptours.mx of any improper use of their User name and/or password, due to circumstances such as theft, loss or unauthorized access to them, so that TIP TOURS & DMC can proceed to cancel or block and/or disable them as soon as it becomes aware of the improper use of their User account. Until such facts are reported, TIP TOURS & DMC will be exempt from any liability that may arise from the improper use of User names or passwords by unauthorized third parties.


The reservations made by each User through the company’s personnel or the Website are subject to the specific conditions applicable to each activity, excursion or guided tour. The User will find these conditions in the description sheet of the Web Site for each of these services, as well as in the confirmation e-mail sent by TIP TOURS & DMC once the reservation has been made.

4.1.- General conditions applicable to all reservations.

In general, the reservation of the activities, excursions and guided tours promoted by TIP TOURS & DMC through the Web Site is subject to the following conditions:


Cancellations with 24 hours or less before the activity will apply 100% charge. No-shows on the day and/or time of the tour are considered no-shows and will be charged at 100%; changes require a minimum of 24 hours before the day of the activity and will be subject to availability.
Users may modify their reservation data as long as the conditions of the activity, excursion and/or guided tour allow it. In order to make this modification, the User will be able to access through a link provided in the reservation confirmation email or directly in the panel available in their User Account within the section “Reservations”.
To book an activity, tour or guided visit privately, please contact TIP TOURS & DMC through the contact form available at the following link: https://tiptours.mx/contacto/.


4.2.- Specific conditions related to the information of the reserved activity, excursion and/or guided tour.

The meeting point, date, time, duration and all the information necessary for the enjoyment of the activity, excursion and/or guided tour reserved, is detailed in the description sheet of each service, on the Web Site, as well as in the confirmation e-mail sent by TIP TOURS & DMC to the User once the reservation has been made.

In the confirmation e-mail, in addition to providing all the information on the reserved service, TIP TOURS & DMC may provide the User with a voucher or reservation form for the contracted activity, excursion and/or guided tour or TIP TOURS & DMC will inform the User of the receipt of an e-mail from the Provider with the voucher so that the User may present it to the Provider prior to the start of the activity or after its completion, according to the conditions established by the Provider.

It is essential that Users are punctual and present themselves at the meeting point at the time and date indicated on their voucher, since all activities, excursions and guided tours are scheduled to leave at a specific time and it is not possible to change the start time.

The duration of the activities, excursions and guided tours published on the Web Site are for reference purposes only and may undergo slight variations depending on the development of the service itself, or by any factor external to the Provider and/or TIP TOURS & DMC such as, for example, inclement weather, road traffic problems, strikes, etc.

If, once at the destination, the Users have any questions regarding the service reserved, and in particular, regarding the meeting point of the activity, excursion or visit, the Users may contact the Provider at the contact telephone number shown on the voucher provided by TIP TOURS & DMC at the time of confirmation of the reservation.

TIP TOURS & DMC informs you that the Provider may require you to hand in the voucher proving the reservation of the activity prior to the beginning of the activity. TIP TOURS & DMC will not assume any responsibility if the User does not present the voucher to the Provider.


Each of the transfers offered by TIP TOURS & DMC by its staff or on the Web Site is subject to certain specific conditions, which Users may consult in the description sheet of the transfer in question (located on the Web Site), or in the confirmation e-mail sent by TIP TOURS & DMC when the reservation is made.

Without prejudice to the above, Users must take into account the following points:


Private service: The transfer service offered by TIP TOURS & DMC is private, so the vehicle can only be used by users who have contracted this service. In some destinations, there will be the option of choosing to share the transfer with other customers optionally with more competitive rates.
Vehicle seats: The number of seats indicated in the Web Site is the maximum number of people that can travel in the vehicle besides the driver. Please note that children occupy a seat as well as adults.
Pick up time: In the transfers with origin in the airport, the User must indicate the flight number and the scheduled arrival time of his flight. In the transfers that have origin in a specific point of the destination, the User must only indicate the time in which he wants to be picked up.
Modification of the reserved transfer: The User can modify the transfer whenever the conditions of the service he has contracted allow it. In any case, the User can make the corresponding modification through a link provided by TIP TOURS & DMC in the service confirmation email, or directly in the User Account.
Contact with the driver: In the confirmation e-mail of the reservation made by the User, TIP TOURS & DMC will detail the name, e-mail address and emergency number of the Provider (or in its case, the driver) in case the User does not find the driver or has any problem.
Stops along the contracted route: If Users have to make a stop along the route (for example, if the Users of the vehicle stay in different hotels or have to pick up some keys to be able to enter their apartment), these stops will be charged with an economic supplement, depending on the city where they are.
Location of the destination: In case the destination address is outside the central area of the city, the transfer will carry an economic supplement.
Modifications of the agreed route: In case the User decides to make modifications in the agreed routes, there may be economic supplements on the route. These supplements will be the responsibility of the user.